About Us

After discovering that I had a chemical sensitivity, I wanted to develop a skin-care line that would be safe enough for my own skin, but not make me feel like I was missing out on my favorite little luxuries!

So I started small- I began researching the different chemicals used in the cosmetic industry and their safer alternatives. Pretty soon I was making my own products! Seven years later, Baker Street Skin Care was born with the goal delivering an effective and safe skincare line, backed by empirical data and research.

I only use the good stuff, because I wouldn’t want anything less for my own skin. You can trust that if it’s in my bottles, it serves a purpose- there are no “filler” ingredients. This means ounce-per-ounce you are getting your money’s worth. Which I think we can all agree that is a beautiful thing.

Baker Street is home to me, and I am honored to have found a spot in yours. I would love to hear from you! Please reach out if you have any questions or aren’t sure how to navigate around your own chemical sensitivities.